This article will explain what ‘Have Your Say’ faculty zone meetings are and what happens there.

What happens during a ‘Have your say’ Faculty Zone meeting

The chair will facilitate discussion on the ideas submitted. At each meeting 3 online ideas will be heard followed by 3 ideas suggested from the floor via the forms submitted at the meeting.

The latter is done on a first come first served basis at the chair’s discretion.

More ideas can be heard but the meeting will never last longer than 90 minutes.

How often the meetings are held

Each of these Zones will have a monthly Zone meeting. These dates will be available on the UPSU website.

Who chairs the meeting

They are chaired by the Faculty Rep (in absence, the Deputy Faculty Rep or in absence of both any member present can be elected chair).

Amount of people needed to make a valid vote

Quorum for ‘‘Have your say’ Faculty’ Zones is 15 people in the room.
These meetings are one student, one vote. If at least 75% of the students in attendance agree with the idea it passes and is then sent to the Union’s Actioning Body.

If less than 75% agree with the idea it goes to an online vote for all students to participate.

Issues brought to the faculties

Any issue can be brought forward to any of the faculties. However if you click ‘I’m not sure…’ on the idea submission part of the form your issue will be sent to the faculty from which your course is based.

For more information follow this link to the Union website.

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