This article provides information on election and details of sources of help for candidates.

Rules and Guidelines:

In order for the election process to remain fair, inclusive and legal the union provides guidelines and rules that must be followed by all candidates. Byelaw 5 provides the rules for the conduct of elections. For further information on these rules and guidelines visit the UPSU website.

Candidate Bootcamp:

In accordance with the rules and guidelines all candidates must complete the Candidate Bootcamp.This is a compulsory briefing for all candidates, during which rules of campaigning will be discussed, as well as help and advice on the election process. For further information on the Candidate Bootcamp visit the UPSU website.

Candidates and social media:

At the Candidate Bootcamp advice will be given about the use of social media during a campaign. Candidates must wait until after the Candidates Bootcamp to campaign on social media. For further information on the use of social media during elections visit the UPSU website.

Running as a team in the student elections:

You are entitled to run on a slate (meaning candidates standing for different positions may run as a team). Further information on the rules for running on a slate is available in the Elections rules and guidelines.

Restrictions on campaigning in the student election:

Current student staff members and sabbatical officers are restricted from running, or taking part in, a campaign or supporting any candidate. Failure to follow this rule and the rules that follow may result in disqualification from the process. Elections are a legal requirement and must be taken seriously. For more information visit the Elections rules and guidelines.

Bullying/Harassment during the student elections campaign:

Although the Union encourages you to challenge your opposition, anything that constitutes bullying and harassment will be formally investigated and sanctions (including the possibility of removing you from the elections process) may be imposed. This will be at the discretion of the Deputy Returning Officer. For a definition and further information on what constitutes bullying or harassment visit the UPSU website.

Making a complaint within the student elections:

If you are unhappy with a decision or wish to make a complaint please contact Rebecca Beard by email or phone +44(0)23 9284 3682. The rules and guidelines on making a complaint can be found here.

Financial help for candidates:

As a general rule each candidate is allowed to spend up to £60 on their campaign which will be provided by the Union. However all receipts must be disclosed. Failure to disclose will mean that you cannot use any material to campaign. For more information on disclosing your receipts and financial help visit the Elections rules and guidelines.

Returning officers and deputy returning officers:

All UPSU elections are overseen, arranged and run by Returning Officers and Deputy Returning Officers. For more information on the roles and functions of these Officers visit the Elections rules and guidelines.

Candidate question time:

Attendance at question time is not mandatory, although it is expected. If you cannot attend please inform the Deputy Returning Officer as a matter of courtesy. For more information visit the Elections rules and guidelines.

Election Assistants:

Election Officials are usually student members of staff. Their tasks include manning out polling stations and they may assist at the count. For more information on Election Officials visit the UPSU website.


Candidates that break election rules may be subject to one or more of the following sanctions: campaigning without campaign materials, social media ban, removal from the Elections process, ban on campaigning for a certain period of time, written apology, verbal apology or, a suitable sanction relevant to the “offence” if possible. For more information visit the Elections rules and guidelines.

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