This article details how to nominate yourself for the student elections.

What happens next?

You will be required to attend Candidate Bootcamp from 10am - 4pm on Saturday 13 February.

Decide which role you will run for:

You may only run for one position in a student election. You can not for instance run to be a Sabbatical Officer and a Student Officer at the same time. Please be aware that Sabbatical Officers are full-time paid roles, whereas Student Officers are part-time volunteer roles.

Fill in the nomination form

There are only three sections to the nomination form. All you’re required to do is to:

  • enter your student details,
  • select the role you want to run for
  • accept the terms and conditions.

The nomination form must be completed in full and will take about 5-10 mins. You can also ask for a paper version of the form from the Union Shop.

Deadline for submitting the nomination form

You must submit your nomination form before 12pm on Friday 12 February.

You can submit your nomination form online, or return a paper copy to the Union Shop at any time right up until the close of nominations. Late submissions will not be accepted after the deadline, for more information on dates see the Students’ Union website.

All nominees are expected to attend a short day of presentations and workshops. The Candidate Bootcamp will cover the Election process, the rules of campaigning, and offer guidance on creating your manifesto and gaining publicity.

You will not be recognised as a candidate in the elections until you have completed the bootcamp. Anyone who is unable to attend this date should contact to make other arrangements.

For more information please visit the Union’s website

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