This article explains how a course reps represents you and their duties.

About Course Reps

Course Reps are nominated to represent a particular course and year group, and are a first point of contact should any issues arise on your course.

What Course Reps do

Course Reps:

  • Act as a point of contact for students
  • Gather positive and negative feedback on a range of issues
  • Represent students’ views
  • Provide suggestions for improving the student experience
  • Sit and, on occasion, chair departmental, faculty and university meetings
  • Work as a team with Course Reps, Faculty Reps, Course Rep Executive Chair, and VP Education & Democracy
  • Receive training from the Students’ Union

Benefits of becoming a Course Rep include:

  • Eligible for the ‘Rep of the Month’ Award
  • Free Course Rep Hoodie
  • Financial Incentives
  • Develop a range of skills and gain experience that will look great on your CV

Find out who your Course Rep is

You can find out who your Course Rep is by contacting the Union Student Voice Team via email ( or call +44 (0)23 9284 3640.

Become a Course Rep

If you want to become a Rep, you can apply by emailing your Course Leader or Reps will be elected by mid-October, which will be the deadline for your Department’s Student Voice Coordinator to pass on your details to the Union. The Union will then be in touch via email about all the upcoming opportunities.

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