This article provides details about the University Bus service (U1).

Travelling by bus is a stress-free, sustainable and alternative way to travel around our busy city, so why not give the bus a go and take a break from the day-to-day bustle of driving. The University Bus service is provided to help both Staff and Students travel to and from the University.

The one-way circular route runs during Term Time with stops at Bransbury Park in Eastney, Prince Albert Road, Francis Avenue, Fratton Bridge, Winston Churchill Avenue, Cambridge Road, Elm Grove, Kings Theatre, Festing Road and Eastney Health Centre.

Official bus stop names:            

  • University of Portsmouth (location: Cambridge Road, by the Students' Union)
  • Elm Grove (location: by Tangs)
  • Kings Theatre (location: Albert Road)
  • Festing Road (location: Albert Road, by Co-op)
  • Eastney Health Centre (location: Highland Road)
  • Bransbury Park (location: Eastney Road)
  • Prince Albert Road (location: Goldsmith Avenue)
  • Francis Avenue (location: Goldsmith Avenue, by Lidl)  
  • Fratton Bridge (location: Goldsmith Avenue)
  • Winston Churchill Avenue (location: just after Somers Road)
  • Winston Churchill Avenue (location: by Hotel Ibis)
  • University of Portsmouth (location: Cambridge Road, by the Student's Union) 

About the service:

  • Free for students and staff if they show their staff/student ID cards
  • Seats are available on a first come first served basis
  • Seating capacity of the buses cannot be exceeded
  • Alcohol is not permitted on the buses
  • Service runs Monday to Friday (during Term Time only) 
  • Not operational on public holidays (Bank holidays)

The one-way circular route runs from 07.36am Monday to Friday with the last stop after midnight at 12.34am.

The University Bus is free for students and staff if they show their staff/student ID cards, but is primarily intended for students. We would ask staff who can work flexibly to avoid peak times of 8am to 9am and 4pm to 5pm if possible as we expect this service to be very popular.

The bus has a maximum capacity for safety reasons and the bus will need to continue to the next stop if they are full. You will need to wait for the next bus. Students may also want to consider avoiding peak times if their timetables allow and it can be quicker to cycle and walk from certain locations on the route like Albert Road and Elm Grove.  Further information can be found on the Student Union website to help you decide the easiest way to travel.

Anyone wishing to travel to Langstone sports facilities can use the bus service to the Prince Albert stop and then it is a 20 minute walk along Locksway Road. The Estates and Campus Services Department are working with the Department of Sports and Recreation to explore other arrangements in place for students playing sport during term time.

The Faculty of Science have made alternative arrangements for travel to the Institute of Marine Science and this bus service has stopped.

Please see here for details of the current Timetable.



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