This article provides details about the costs of travelling around Portsmouth. 

Free inter-site bus

The University offer a free inter-site bus service for staff and students between Langstone Student Village and the main city centre buildings. Portsmouth is a flat city, and all the areas where students live are within walking or cycling distance from the town centre. 

Budgeting for further travel

  • You will need to budget for trips home and occasional taxis to make sure you get home safely from nights out. The average student spends about £10 a week on travel.
  • If you use public transport, consider getting a monthly ticket or a season ticket. This will be cheaper than buying daily tickets.
  • Ask yourself if you really need to bring your car to University. It could create a big dent in your budget and it will be difficult to find parking in Portsmouth. See this article for further driving information.
  • Cycling is a great cheap option, but do bring lights, a helmet and a strong lock. See this article for cycling routes.
  • If you travel by coach, you can buy a National Express Young Persons Coachcard, providing up to 30% discount.
  • Try to book your travel tickets in advance. If you know you're going home for the holidays, you may be able to get cheaper fares by booking in advance.
  • Walk to lectures if you can – it is definitely the cheapest form of transport and a great way to keep fit!
  • If you travel by rail, you can buy a 16–25 Railcard and you'll receive a third off the fare.

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