This article explains what Green Portsmouth is, and information on recycling and waste management as part of it.

What is Green Portsmouth

Green Portsmouth works to create a low-carbon future that will inspire and motivate students to study here.

This low-carbon pathway presents us with both challenges and change. This change is a positive one and we urge you to take part in creating a sustainable future.

The University of Portsmouth is ISO 14001, which means that we have an Environmental Management system in place that helps to control our impacts on the environment.

Green Portsmouth is our contribution to higher education, national and international efforts to mitigate against the impacts of climate change.

Recycling and waste management

The University aims to achieve a 70% (on average) recycling rate with zero landfill; our average recycling rate increased from 41% in 2011 to 82% by 2014. ‌Most of the waste you put in the bin will be recycled, so please don't throw away food or liquids - food waste goes into split (Meridian) bins and food caddies instead.

To know more on how waste is classified and recycled, visit the link below.

Green Portsmouth Team members

Energy and Environment Team

  • Ian McCormack, Energy and Environmental Manager
  • Marian Michalsky, Energy and Environmental Assistant
  • Lara Skingsley, Environmental Communications Administrator

Carbon and Environment Management Board (CEMB)

The CEMB includes: 

  • Liz Bartle (Deputy Director of Finance)
  • Fiona Bell (Director of Estates)
  • Doug Fenton (Procurement Manager)
  • Tim Goodhead (Principal Lecturer)
  • Marian Michalsky (Energy & Environment Assistant)
  • Ian McCormack (Energy & Environment Manager)
  • UPSU member/s
  • David Wright (Health & Safety Manager)



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