This article will inform you on parking permits for students at the University of Portsmouth.

We offer a limited number of parking permits to students who commute daily to the University.


Students are only eligible to apply for a parking permit if they:

  • reside in the Langstone Student Village, these permits are for Langstone car park only and vehicles displaying these permits are not permitted to park at the main campus

  • are registered disabled badge holders (proof is required and these permits will be issued free of charge)

  • have other mobility difficulties (such applications would be considered by a University review panel and supporting evidence from a GP or relevant medical professional would be required)

  • have restricted public transport from their home address, which must be outside the PO1-PO6 areas (a covering letter is required with the application).

Students outside these categories will not be considered due to the limited parking available.


In the academic year 2016/2017, the charge for a student car parking permit is £75.

Applying for a 2016/2017 permit

Applications for a annual car parking permit should be submitted by 1 November 2016 (with the exception of disabled Blue Badge holders and Langstone).

Semester permits are also available for students that may require reduced parking each academic term. The cost of a semester permit will be £35.

Student car parking application form

Students are requested to provide a covering letter explaining reasons why a permit is required, with the exception of Langstone Student Village students. Students must also enclose a copy of their current vehicle insurance.

All applications will be considered by a panel and permits only issued if judged to be essential.

How to pay

If an application is successful, payment can be made by cheque, credit/debit card or through the online payment facility available to process payments. Details of the online payment facility are here.


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