This article provides you with information on extenuating circumstances.

What extenuating circumstances are

If there are short-term circumstances (problems) with your health or personal life, which have been serious and significant enough to have prevented you from attending, completing or submitting an assessment on time, then you can fill out an Extenuating Circumstances Form (ECF), which will give you more time to complete assignments.

Second Assessment Period (8-26 July 2019)

Students unable to undertake or submit one or more required assessments during the Second Attempt Assessment Period (8-26 July) can now submit a claim for extenuating circumstances to cover those missed assessments in this second period.

Under the new regulations, the Board of Examiners will normally recommend that you repeat the unit(s) affected in the next academic year, before progressing to the next level of your course the academic year after that. The Board will also make two additional decisions:

(i) whether you must repeat the whole unit or just the affected assessments; and

(ii) whether you must repeat the unit with or without attendance.

More information on the process will be available once marks have been confirmed for students who didn’t pass at the first opportunity, and before the Second Attempt Assessment Period. 

If you have any queries, please contact


If the circumstances extend more than 20 working days the University consider that the circumstances are ‘long-term’ and that you should consider Suspension of Studies. Suspension of studies should be discussed with your Head of Department, and we also advise that you investigate support that may be available from ASDAC. If you do not wish to Suspend your Studies but do need more support then  you should still speak with your Head of Department and ASDAC to make  them aware of the circumstances and discuss possible options.

Extenuating Circumstances Form (ECF)

An ECF is submitted by students, who for unforeseen circumstances, have not been able to complete their work

You can now submit and track your ECF online.

You can find out information regarding the process on the Students’ Union independent advice pages and contact them for further support.


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