This article provides information regarding exam timetables.

You can access your personalised timetable by clicking on 'My Timetable' at the top of this page. You will be required to login with your University email address and password.

You can also subscribe to your timetable via Google and add it as a secondary calendar - just go to your portal page and press the ‘Add to Google Calendar’ button and follow the instructions.

(Both formats of the timetable are smart-device friendly).

You can view your exam timetable in the same location (exam events show as a different colour to teaching events).

The timetable for 1st Attempt Assessments (May exams) will be available from the beginning of March. 

The timetable for 2nd Attempt Assessments (July exams) will be available as soon as the 1st Attempt Assessment period finishes (beginning of June). Please note that, because we have released this timetable as early as possible to you, it means that you will see exams for all units that are assessed in this way. This does not mean you have failed all your units. As marks / results are added to the Student Records system, exams for units you have passed will disappear from your portal. Marking and assessment boards are taking place right up until the week before the 2nd Assessment period begins so the final timetable will not be processed until the Friday before exams begin. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your exams during either assessment period, please contact your school office.


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