This article will provide detailed information on which student wellbeing courses and workshops are available.
Throughout the academic year, the Student Wellbeing Service run a range of one-off workshops and longer courses for students. These can be excellent ways of getting help with commonly experienced difficulties.
Course, workshop and event programme
Each course and workshop has been designed to cover topics relevant to you. The Student Wellbeing Service also run a number of information/awareness events available to students and staff - you can find more information on our course, workshop and event programme.
Workshops can be very popular, so sign up in advance and please let us know with 24 hours’ notice if you cannot attend. We understand that sometimes things come up unexpectedly and by telling us, we can offer someone else your place.
Booking on workshops, courses or events 
To book on a course, please email or phone +44 (0)23 9284 3466.
After you register you will receive details of the venue and timings, as well as a reminder a couple of days prior to the event.
Types of workshops
There are different types of workshops detailed in the programme.
One-off workshops
  • These usually run on Wednesday afternoons and are open to all students.
  • Each workshop covers a specific topic and you can sign up for any that you feel might apply to you, though it is probably a good idea to limit the number so you don’t have to tackle too many things at once. They will be run by different members of the Student Wellbeing Service team and some are run more than once in the year. 
  • Each workshop is an introduction to an area and you will not be expected to provide lots of personal information or to share anything you’re not comfortable with. They will give you a good foundation to take further, self-directed steps forward and will provide information about further resources. 
  • All participants will be asked not to discuss what anyone says outside the course, to ensure a confidential and comfortable environment.
Registration opens a month before the start of each workshop (or earlier for those running early in the new year).
Longer courses
  • These run on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday afternoon/early evening.
  • Courses can provide a uniquely beneficial environment to develop useful new skills with others experiencing similar challenges.
  • To get the most out of a course, each member will need to agree to keep other participants’ personal information confidential and to behave respectfully towards each other, as well as regular and punctual attendance.
  • As they are more in-depth and require more of a commitment, interested students may be invited to complete a brief application form and/or have brief phone conversation with a course facilitator to find out more and decide if it could be suitable.
  • Registration will open early enough to allow for this to take place.

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