This article explains how you can have your say and share your opinions and ideas on the Students’ Union and University activities. 

The University of Portsmouth Students' Union operates a scheme called ‘Have Your Say’. As part of this all students can voice their concerns and ideas by submitting them to one of the ‘Have Your Say’ zones. 

‘Have Your Say’ zone

A ‘Have Your Say’ zone is a meeting in which students are encouraged to vote for the changes that they wish to see to the University. There are regular meetings throughout the year which take place in either a faculty or Students' Union zone. There are five faculty and seven union zones. 

Can I submit my ideas online?

Yes, you can. For students who wish to submit their ideas/concerns online, there is an online submission form. This idea can be at any stage of development.

What happens once an idea has been voted on?

Once an idea has been voted on, it will go through the ‘Union Actioning Body’ (UAB) where it will be put into action, or challenged where necessary. 

Are we, as students, held responsible for the outcome of these votes?

Of course. It is your vote, your idea, or your concern that is considered. Our ‘Have Your Say’ process ensures that our elected Student Officers and Sabbatical Officers are held accountable through a monthly online blog and a termly forum.

For more information on the different zones, UAB, and Accountability, please visit the ‘How it Works’ page.

Have Your Say team contact details

For more information about the ‘Have Your Say’ zones, please contact, or visit the ‘Have Your Say’ website.

Do I have to be a student to have my say?

Yes. You must be a registered student to take part in ‘Have Your Say’. 

Will people know if i’ve submitted an idea?

If you wish to remain anonymous when you submit your idea, you can. You must at least submit your student number so that the administration team can verify that you are a registered student. Without this, we would not be able to publish your idea.

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