This article will tell you how to request a remark of your assignment.

If you think that a mistake has been made in marking your assignment, you may be able to request a remark. There are two circumstances where you are able to request a remark.

  1. There has been a material and significant administrative error in the way the mark was determined. For example: You submitted two pieces of work, but only one was marked.
  2. There has been a procedural irregularity in the assessment process as defined in the examination and assessment regulations. You cannot request a remark simply because you disagree with the academic judgement of the marker, and requests for remarking based on these grounds will not be considered.

To request a remark, you will need to write to the head of department, with a clear explanation of exactly why you believe your mark to be incorrect.

You should also include a copy of the work which is to be remarked.

You must put your request in within 10 working days of receiving your original mark. If the Head of Department decides that your request is valid, he/she will pass the work to a member of staff for review. Please remember that the result of a remark may not just be that your mark goes up, it could go down also.

Conversely, if the Head of Department feels that your request is not valid, they will write to you detailing the reasons why. If you are not happy with his explanation, you may write to the Academic Registrar, for a further review of the marking process. You must also state your reasons for the appeal.

If after this action you are still not happy, you can write to the Office of Independent Adjudicator (OIA) for an independent review. Please speak to Students' Union Advisers on this matter.

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