This article contains information on the types of societies available to join through the Students’ Union.

Political societies

You’ve heard it all before, but it’s true - the University is the place where you’ll discover what you really believe. If you want to get involved with campaigns to eliminate extreme poverty, save the environment or right some wrongs, think about joining a political society.

Physical activity societies

If it’s a sense of adventure you’re after, or you simply like to keep fit, develop some skills and have lots of fun then taking part in a physical activity could be just for you! Physical activities strive to accommodate people of all abilities and exist primarily for recreation not competition.

Faith based societies

Passionate about your beliefs? Take part in or witness the experience offered by our vibrant community of faith societies. Our faith based societies are for both believers and nonbeliever. If you have a question regarding a specific religion, want to find out what you really believe in or meet people who you share your faith with, joining a faith based society is the right way to go.

Culture specific societies

If you’re missing a slice of home and feel like you want to relish in your culture then joining a cultural society is for you! From traditional music to home cooked meals there’s an extended family in Portsmouth waiting for you. We guarantee you won’t feel alienated as cultural societies exist for you to meet people that understand you and are willing to share their experience and knowledge about where to go and what to do at University. You don’t have to be African to join the African-Caribbean society or LGBT+ to join our LGBT+ society; all our cultural societies are welcoming so that you can feel comfortable about learning about other cultures and lifestyles.

Academic societies

Being part of an academic society is a fantastic way to gain the most from your studies, but that’s not all they offer, it’s a brilliant way to network with people at all levels of your course. The atmosphere is one where you can share ideas and thoughts on your work, go on field trips not offered by your course, or even lobby the University on issues you are unhappy about. There’s no doubt that joining an academic society will be beneficial to your CV and allow you to see your course from a new angle.

Common Interest societies

Our Common Interest societies allow you to meet people who share the hobbies you’re passionate about. It could be a particular style of music you enjoy practicing with others, or a love of film you’d like to share with the student community. Our common interest societies are incredibly diverse, and if you can’t find one that represents a hobby you’re passionate about then it’s incredibly easy to start up your own!

To see a full list of societies and get more information see the Students’ Union website.

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