This article will provide you with information on the University of Portsmouth Hardship Fund.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties/ find yourself with no money then the Student Finance Centre may be able to help. We are located on the second floor of the Nuffield Centre and is open five days a week, all year round. A member of staff is always available to help, so you can drop in whenever you like - there is no need to make an appointment.

Students who are suffering financial difficulties can apply for a non-repayable grant from the hardship fund. Awards are assessed depending on your needs and are non-repayable. In most cases they are paid by electronic transfer to your bank account.

All applications from full-time postgraduates will have an assumed level of income included in the calculation called the Notional Postgraduate Income (NPI). The NPI is applied as students are expected to have made realistic provision to fund both their tuition fees and living costs before embarking on their course.

If you are a part-time student, we can only help with course related costs, for example childcare, study costs and travel. We cannot help with general living costs or tuition fees.

How do I apply?

You will need to complete an application form and provide photocopied evidence of your income and essential expenditure. As a minimum we need your Student Finance England notification letter (if applicable), three months up-to-date bank statements from all accounts, including savings, and a copy of your tenancy agreement or halls invoice.

The application form can be picked up from the Student Finance Centre, or you can download a copy below. You can fill in the form and return it to us in person, or scan it and email, along with your evidence, to

You may be asked to attend an interview regarding your application if we need to discuss it further with you.

Download an application form here.

Application form guidance notes.

Unsuccessful applications

We assess all applications in line with our fund guidelines. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your application there is a review procedure. Reviews will normally only be considered if a piece of information was either not known or not taken into account in the original assessment.


Other sources of help

Emergency Loans

If you have an immediate financial emergency, the Student Finance Centre may be able to help with an interest-free emergency loan. Loans are not guaranteed and are limited to one per academic year. Before we can offer you a loan we will need to see that you have accessed all other sources of support, including student finance, overdrafts and hardship funds. You need to have submitted a hardship fund application in order to apply for a loan.

The normal maximum loan we can offer is £100 (although in some situations up to £500 may be available). Loans have to be repaid within six weeks to enable other students to access the same help.

Futures Fund

This fund consists of donations from Portsmouth Alumni, and provides support for students who lack sufficient funds to be able to make the most of their time here.

To apply for the Futures Fund you need to make an application to the hardship funds to demonstrate that you are unable to meet this cost yourself.

Trust and Charity Funding

If you are finding it difficult to meet certain costs while at university you may be able to apply for assistance from a charity or trust. Be aware that most organisations apply very specific criteria, such as age, residency, religion and/or course type, and only have limited resources available. It is very rare that an organisation will be able to support you in the form of a full scholarship. You will usually need to show that you have tried all other sources of financial help, and that you are able to source the rest of the money needed to complete the course.

Family Action - Family Action have an Educational Grants Search facility, which helps you identify appropriate charitable funding for education or training based on your circumstances and needs.

Scholarship Search - This is another online database which you can search by organisation or subject.

Portsmouth Food Cycle

Portsmouth Food Cycle offer a community meal for those in crisis. They welcome students as volunteers to support with the preparation of meals every Tuesday and Thursday evening. They are equally happy for students to simply benefit from a free meal during a difficult period.

If you need any further information or help with your application please contact the Student Finance Centre.

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