This article gives you information on where and how you can do your laundry in halls of residence.

The halls launderettes are approximately 50 per cent cheaper than local launderettes.

Using the laundry cards - where to buy cards and top-up

All of our halls of residence laundrettes have a card operated system. 

You can buy top-up cards from vending machines located at Bateson Hall reception and Rees Hall launderette.

You need to purchase a card from the machine in the laundry room. It is easy to use the halls launderettes: you only need your top-up card and you are ready to go.

Only one card is needed for the time you are in halls and need to do your laundry. Make sure to take note of the number on the back of your card in case you lose it!

On the back of the card you will see a web address. Log on to this and it will show you step by step how to create an account, so you can top-up online. Staff at the reception are always available and can show you how to use the machines.

How the top-up card works

You can find out how to use your top up card at

You can also view the terms and conditions for use at

Recharge my top-up card

When you need to add more money to your top-up card, please go to 

Locations of the halls laundrette

Where you can do your laundry in your halls of residence varies depending on which halls of residence you have been allocated.

Bateson Hall - In the basement of the reception block (card-operated machines).

Harry Law Hall - Inside the hall basement car park next to the car park entrance (card-operated machines).

Rees Hall and Burrell House - One launderette for use by both Rees Hall and Burrell House with five washing machines and six dryers, located on the first floor of Rees Hall adjacent to the lift (card-operated machines).

Unite halls (Trafalgar, Greetham Street, James Watson and Margaret Rule) - for information on laundry in these halls, see the Unite website.  

Catherine House – for information on laundry in Catherine House, see the Student Housing Company website.

Detergent and conditioner

Please note that you will need to provide your own liquid detergent and conditioner. In line with other Universities, and working with our suppliers, we offer user-friendly, clear instructions and environmentally friendly equipment. We endeavour to keep prices as low as possible. 

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