This article will give you more information on leaving halls of residence at the end of an academic year.

You are expected to leave the halls of residence at the end of the entire specified occupancy period (normally until 24 June 2017). If the University is in a position to re-let the room for a longer period of time, this liability will be reassessed.

If you are in Unite halls (Greetham Street, Trafalgar, Margaret Rule or James Watson) please see the Unite website for information on checking out.

If you are in University of Portsmouth halls there are four easy steps to follow to check out from your halls accommodation:

1. Settle bills - Please settle all outstanding bills before you leave by making payment at your reception.

2. Redirect mail - Due to lack of storage space, we cannot hold or forward mail for you once you have left. Please make arrangements to inform relatives, friends, banks, potential employers, etc. that you are moving and provide them with your forwarding address. Royal Mail operates a mail redirection service. Please ask at any post office or visit the Royal Mail website for details.

3. Check your inventory - Check your bedroom and shared accommodation (kitchen/hallway) against your online inventory that you completed when you moved in (inventories to identify any damages that have occurred since you moved in).

    • Username = Your University email address e.g. 
    • Password = Your 6 digit number which was sent to you by student housing when you applied. If you have forgotten this password just click the 'Forgotten Password' link and you will be mailed a new password.

Throughout the year, it is encouraged that you report maintenance issues and defects to reception and they will be repaired without you being charged. However when you leave, it is in your interest to declare any damages that you are responsible for. Please contact a member of the Halls Management Team via your reception if in doubt.

Please leave all areas of the accommodation in the clean and tidy condition in which they were when you arrived. If they are not left in clean condition, and additional cleaning by professional contract cleaning staff or repair/replacement/redecoration is required, the cost will be deducted from the £250 damages deposit that you paid prior to moving in.

4. Room inspection options:

When you are happy that your study bedroom and shared accommodation are thoroughly clean and in good condition, please choose from one of the two room inspection options below:

Fast-track: This option requires you to inspect your own room and shared accommodation and declare and pay for any damages before you leave. Follow the procedure below for this option.

  • Collect a moving-out inspection record and fast-track envelope from your reception or print out an inspection record yourself.

  • Conduct your own inspection. Fill in the moving out inspection record noting any damages. Before you leave, pay for any damages at your hall reception. Please refer to the billing information in this article.

  • When you are ready to leave, tear off and retain the white copy of the inspection record for your own records. Fill in the fast-track envelope, place the yellow copy and pink if not used, of the inspection record in the envelope, lock your door, place your keys/fob inside the envelope and hand in to staff at your hall reception.

  • Following departure hall staff will inspect your room/shared space within seven days. If damage is found that was not recorded and paid for on your moving out inspection record, the room has not been cleaned or rubbish has been left, a bill will be raised. Prior to the bill being sent to you an independent witness will also inspect to verify the first checker’s findings. 

Face-to-face: If you wish to choose this option you have to be prepared to leave immediately after the inspection has been completed as your keys/fob will be retained as part of the process. Your room should therefore be completely empty of your belongings, damages identified and paid for, and cleaned to the standard required.

Your room and shared space will also be inspected in your presence. Follow the procedure below for this option.

  • Book inspectionPlan well in advance to ensure you get the time and date you want at your hall reception or on the phone using the relevant number on the back of this leaflet.

  • Attend the inspection at the time you have booked: You should accompany the hall checker during the inspection. Working from the current room inventory you completed when you arrived, the hall checker will look to ensure that there has been no damage during your residency and that your areas are clean and free of rubbish.

There are now two possible routes:

a. It is agreed the areas are clean and undamaged.

The hall checker records there are no charges on the moving out inspection record, you both sign it and you keep the white copy for your records. Your keys/fob will be retained by the hall checker.

b. There is damage or the areas do not meet the cleaning standards/ requirements.

Working from the list of repairs/replacement/redecoration charges which you can find in this article, the hall checker will enter the amount to be charged on your moving out inspection record. This will then be deducted from your £250 damages deposit.

Charges: After leaving halls, any outstanding cleaning or damages charges will be deducted from the £250 damages deposit you paid prior to moving in. Charges are based on the university recovering all economic costs, including all direct and indirect costs associated with the damage or loss. You will be notified of any charges via your university email address. Your damage deposit will be returned to you minus any deductions or other charges. It will be paid back into the bank account originally paid from, within 28 days from the agreed end of your accommodation contract. It is important for you to check the balance repaid to you.

If you disagree with any of the costs to be deducted from your deposit, you have the right to appeal. Appeals must be sent to the email address provided in the email along with the charges.

For details please refer to the Moving out guide or at the halls reception.

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