This article explains more about the assistive technologies available to help disabled students with their studies.

Accessible workstations

There are a number of accessible workstations across campus to maximise access to computers for disabled students. These are on height adjustable desks and include additional peripherals such as ergonomic mice and scanners. They may also include scanners to all students to load text based materials on the computer so they can be accessed by assistive software on the University services.

Accessible workstations in the Library are often used by students without disabilities so the Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC) is liaising with Information Services (IS) and the Library to limit access through the student log in to ensure those disabled students who do require access are given the opportunity. If you think you may require access to these workstations please contact a Disability Officer for a discussion and subsequent access.

Assistive software

Software accessible through the University network includes:

  • Vision Impairment - Zoom Text, Supernova. Features cover aspects such as:
    • Full and partial screen enlargement
    • Access to applications, documents, email and the Internet
    • Navigation tools to launch programs and find documents on the desktop
    • Guide available on Moodle
  • Language support - Text Help Read & Write, Claro (text to speech), Google Voice Typing. Features cover aspects such as:
    • Understanding full meaning of text
    • Enhanced self-expression
    • Confidence in producing written work
    • Spelling, grammar, content
  • Organisation (mind mapping) - Inspiration, MindView. Features cover aspects such as:
    • Note taking
    • Referencing
    • Organisation of information

Technology available from Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC)

ASDAC has limited technology for loan to those students who are not eligible for the DSA but who may require short-term or long-term support. Students are offered an appointment with a Disability Officer and referred to the Assistive Technology tutor for assessment of needs. The support is determined on a case-by-case basis and the resources are limited. Students are expected to insure any loan for accidental damage, loss or theft and will be asked to replace equipment if necessary.


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