This article will explain how to re-register onto your course if you are continuing your study (whether studying on the same course or transferring course).

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To continue to be a student of the University of Portsmouth you are required to re-register onto your course. This entails completing the online registration form and providing a valid term time address. You will not be registered on your course until you have completed the Registration Form and provided us with these details.


Please see our ‘Important Registration and Tuition Fee Information’ leaflet at our ‘Where can I find tuition fee policies and procedures?’ article.


Step 1 – Completing the Registration Form


It is necessary for you to complete the registration form before you arrive at the start of term, or before your course start date. Your department/school will notify you of the date when you can re-register.

Using your current student Google email account details, please click here and follow the instructions to commence your registration. Once completed check your student Google email to receive confirmation that you have successfully submitted the form.


If you receive an ‘Incorrect login credentials’ message when logging into the registration system, you are able to reset your password at or contact the Service Desk on 023 9284 7777 or email for assistance. If you receive an alternate error message when trying to access the registration form, please contact our Registration team directly on or 023 9284 7744.


Step 2 – Updating your Personal Details (including Term Time Address)


You can update your term time address by going to your MyPort account and choosing to update your details.


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