This article includes information about the process for students who suspect they may have a specific learning difficulty such as Dyslexia.

Formal Psychological Assessment

An independent Chartered Educational Psychologist will visit ASDAC a limited number of times per year.  They can assess current students at the University of Portsmouth.

Students should contact ASDAC if they would like a referral.   Contact ASDAC on, telephone 02392 843462 or call in person to the 3nd Floor Nuffield Centre.

Private Psychological Assessments

Students will need to seek their assessment privately if appointments for a Psychological assessment have been fully booked via ASDAC.

Applicants are encouraged to obtain a post 16 Psychological assessment before they arrive at University, to avoid unnecessary delays.

Further information on private practitioners can be found on the table below.

Please ensure your practitioner can meet the criteria​ required, if you intend to apply for the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA).  Further guidance available on the SLC Practitioners website, P77-81.


Contact details

British Psychological Society (BPS)


The BPS provides a search engine to identify chartered psychologists operating in your local area, using a postcode search. To complete a search, enter your postcode and set the following parameters:

  •  Who is this for? Select ‘Adult’
  • What are the issues? (Education) Select ‘Learning Difficulties’
  • Leave all other boxes blank

Access this on the directory of Local Psychologists website

Tel: +44(0)116 254 9568


British Dyslexia Association


Tel: +44(0)845 251 9002


Local Branches:

The Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre


Tel: +44(0)1252 792 400


Address: Arkell Lane, Frensham, Farnham, Surrey, GU103BL

PATOSS - The Professional Association of Teachers of Students with SpLDs

PATOSS also offer a search engine to identify qualified assessors operating in your local area, using a postcode. To complete a search, you will need to register on their website (this is free).

Tel: +44(0)1386 712 650


Directory of Local Assessors website


Financing Psychological Assessments

Current students can discuss the financial implications of a Psychological assessment with The University’s Student Finance Centre.  They can determine whether financial assistance is possible.

You are advised to contact Student Finance Centre directly on, telephone 02392 843104 or call in person to the 2nd Floor Nuffield Centre. 

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