This article will provide information on how University staff are advised of specific teaching and assessment needs of individual students.


In order to ensure that you are able to access support it may be necessary to communicate information on to your academic department, such as the need to record lectures or extra time in exams.

This information is provided on a 'need to know' basis and only for the purposes of reasonable adjustment. Should you wish certain details of your disability and/or support needs to remain confidential then we will respect your wishes. The details of the information to be shared will be discussed with you and we will ask you to complete a disclosure agreement.

Method of sharing information

Information is primarily communicated through a dynamic link between the Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre's (ASDAC's) own confidential database and the University's student records system. The agreed information is uploaded to the student records system where it can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Departmental Administrators
    A report provides departmental administrators with details of the support requirement associated with each student on any given unit. This is primarily used when arranging the examination timetable and gives details of all the requested alternative requirements such as students requiring extra time, assistive software, readers, and/or scribes.
  • Academic Staff
    A report provides academic staff with details of the range of support needs associated with students on the course units for which they have responsibility. Course and Unit Coordinators use this report to prepare their teaching and assessment materials and to ensure that their classes are accessible to all students registered to take their units.

At other times, specific requirements may be discussed directly by telephone, e-mail or in person with departments where a specific arrangement or structural adjustment needs to be agreed.

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