The Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC)’s Disability Officers are able to offer guidance on the support options available to you.

After accessing ASDAC you will be given a ‘lead’ Disability Officer however, all our Disability Officers are familiar with most disabilities.

Our Disability Officers are responsible for initial review of your possible academic support requirements and will offer guidance on potential reasonable adjustments.

Guidance Disability Officers can offer 

The Disability Officers are able to offer guidance on:

  • Suitability of any evidence you are able to access.
  • Accessing possible funding to pay for additional support.
  • Accessing potential academic support services.
  • Adjustments to teaching and assessment methods if this is considered appropriate.
  • Screening for Specific Learning Difficulties eg. dyslexia and, if requested, referral to a visiting Chartered Educational Psychologist for full assessment. If you are eligible, the cost of this assessment will be met through University Hardship funding.

The Disability Officers are available to review your support throughout your studies, not just when you register at the University. If your support requirements should change over time, the Disability Officers will be able to review your support needs and adjust your support arrangements accordingly.

Are my conversations confidential?

Conversations with Disability Officers are strictly confidentially. We actively encourage you to discuss all your disability-related matters so that we can better understand the range of issues you may experience. This allows the team to consider and provide guidance on any available support.

Information about your disability and support needs are disseminated on a ‘need to know’ basis and for the purpose of reasonable adjustment. We obtain your consent at registration and at our first interview with you. Should you wish particular details of your disability and/or support needs to remain confidential then we will respect your wishes.

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