This article explains who the halls Residence Life team are, what they do and how you can contact them.  

How the Residence Life Team can help
The Residence Life Team are responsible for the day-to-day management of welfare and pastoral concerns of residents within all our halls of residence.

Freshers/ first years that are living in private sector accommodation, students living in Unite Halls or Catherine House can also get support from the Residence Life Team at Guildhall Halls.

If the issue is to do with housing, please contact Student Housing on or 02392 843214.

The Residence Life Team provide welfare cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week for every week of your stay.

Students living in halls of residence can talk to the Residence Life Team about any matter that is causing them concern; whether it is difficulties with their flatmates or concerns about whether or not they are studying the right course.

All discussions are kept confidential and issues will not be shared with any third parties, unless written consent is given by the student for a third party to become involved.

Contact times and details are available at the Halls Reception.

All conversations are completely confidential. The Residence Life Team will not act upon a matter unless you want them to. The Residence Life Team can also offer a mediation service between flatmates, for example helping to resolve a shared cleaning dispute and so on.

If the Residence Life Team cannot help you with a specific issue, they will know someone within the University who will be able to help and can direct you to the appropriate support service.

Residence Life Assistants
You can also speak to a Residence Life Assistant (RLA). Residence Life Assistants are students who have experienced their first-year in halls so they have the knowledge and experience to help.

Residence Life Assistants have been trained to assist with all types of issues and they will be happy to help you.

RLAs are fellow students who can always be relied upon to be a friendly port of call. Please ask your Hall reception how to contact your RLA.

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