This article will provide information on inventories in halls of residence.

Online inventory

The inventory reflects the condition of your accommodation at the start of your occupancy, so it is important you complete this to ensure you are not charged for pre-existing damages and defects when you move out.

Students are encouraged to report any maintenance issues or defects and will not be charged for any subsequent repairs. You are required to complete an online inventory within ten days of your accommodation contract start date.

After the inventory completion period

Please note that after the ten-day period the inventory, will be locked and you forfeit the right to amend it. It is each resident’s responsibility to check the details for their room and flat and to record on the inventory if the condition of furniture, fixtures, fittings and décor varies from that stated.

This applies to single occupancy areas and those shared with others within a flat. The communal area inventory should be submitted by one person, but all members of the flat must agree the content. If you are in doubt about any item or have a question about how to record a comment, you should speak with the reception staff, who will advise.

You can access the specific inventory for your room and shared flat at any time. It is stored online on your Student Home Portal

Room and kitchen checks

Room and kitchen checks will be carried out at intervals during your stay and when you vacate the accommodation. All damages and losses are charged to the individual/individuals responsible for the inventory. Charges are based upon the University recovering full economic costs, including all direct and indirect costs associated with the damage or loss.

University-approved contractors and suppliers will be used to carry out any necessary work. In calculating the cost of these charges, the Assistant Hall Manager will take into account the pre-existing condition of the item in question.

At the end of your stay, any outstanding charges will be deducted from your hall damage deposit account. You will be notified of this using your University email address. For details please refer to the Moving Out Guide or at the halls reception.


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