This article will inform you on what to do if your circumstances change during your time as a Postgraduate Research Degree Student at the University of Portsmouth.

If for any reason your circumstances change you may find it beneficial to interrupt your studies or change your mode of study (full time to part time or vice versa) noting that restrictions apply for international PGRS at the University with a Tier 4 visa.

You should discuss these options with your First Supervisor as you will need their support to complete the Notification of a Change Affecting Registration Form (UPR4). Before completing this form please ensure that you are aware of the Tuition Fee Policy and other guidance regarding tuition fees and refunds.  Once signed by PGRS and First Supervisor this form is submitted to the relevant Chair, FRD Committee for approval and then submitted to the Research Section, Department of Student and Academic Administration for processing.

Approved periods of interruption are not included in the registration period as you are not expected to be working on your research project during that time, and should not be receiving supervision. Your registration period is re-calculated and the end date extended.

Following approval you will be advised by the Research Section, Department of Student and Academic Administration of the amended deadline for submission of your thesis and other applicable assessment deadlines.

For further information please see the Research Degrees Handbook or speak to your Faculty Advisor for guidance -   




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