This article explains what you can do to keep your bike safe.

Bike theft is one of the most frequent crimes. To make sure your bike is well protected, familiarise yourself with our tips:

Bike theft:

  • use the secure cycle storage provided by the University
  • use a D-lock
  • lock the frame of your bike to the locking point and whenever possible include the wheels, especially if they are quick release
  • do not leave your bike in isolated places
  • register your bike online and make sure you record the make, model, frame number, and any other identifying features.

Please remember that you are not allowed to put your bike in a University building.

Store your bicycle:

You can find the secure bicycle compounds in the following locations:

Bateson Hall and Harry Law Hall

There is one secure compound shared by both Halls and located in Harry Law Hall basement entrance, just inside the car park entrance on the right hand side. You will need your campus card to access the compound. Before using the compound for the first time, please go to Bateson Hall reception and ask staff to activate your card for access.

Burrell House

There is one secure compound under the entrance stairs in Burrell House car park. Before using the compound, please collect a key for the padlock from reception.

Rees Hall

There is one secure compound on the right hand side of the building, directly outside the entrance to the car park. Before using the compound, please collect a key for the padlock from reception.

Halls run by a third party (e.g. Unite students)

Please see the relevant third party websites for cycle storage.


If you see a crime in progress, report it to the police.

If you become a victim of crime, report to the Police or University Security immediately:

  • Off campus call 999
  • On campus call +44(0)23 9284 3333 (3333 on internal phones)
  • Non-urgent reports can be made to any police station or by calling 101.

PC Dave Fairbrother is available for advice, contact details here.

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