This article provides information regarding if and how students can pay their tuition fees online.

Yes, students can pay their tuition fees online. You can set-up a Direct Debit Instruction or Recurring Card Payment Instruction. To do this, please visit the Tuition and Accommodation fees page on the University website.

Your payment plan will be sent to you by email following receipt of this instruction. This could take a few days. When completing an instalment instruction, please note that clicking "Pay Now" at the end of this process does not take money from your account. This only happens if you have chosen the option to pay immediately.

Students From China

Western Union Business Solutions have partnered with China UnionPay to enable students of the University to make payment using their UnionPay card and account details.

To access this service, please go to the student globalpay page. You will then be given a link to the China UnionPay pages to make the payment in the confirmation email.

What if a sponsor or employer is paying my fees?

Should a sponsor or employer wish to pay your tuition fees, then they can receive an invoice through the University website.

Please note, you will receive an official invoice from the email address: However if you have requested a pro-forma invoice, this will be from the email If you receive an invoice from any other email addresses, please refer these to

For more information on how to pay your tuition fees please visit the What are the tuition fee payment options? article in the related articles box below.


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