This article contains information about getting your University Student Card when you join the University.

What is a University Student Card?

Your University Student Card provides the following:

    • Access to University of Portsmouth buildings
    • Attendance monitoring 
    • Access to the University of Portsmouth library
    • Proof of ID for examinations
    • Your University Bus pass

When and how do I apply for my card?

You should apply for your student card prior to the start of the academic year. It should be done as part of your registration in the first year of your course. You will receive an email providing details about when and how to register and at this point you can retrieve your University computer username and password at  and apply for your student card at Once you have completed the application, you will receive an email confirmation in your student Google mailbox.

Do I still need a card if I study off-campus (i.e. at a franchise college or by distance learning)?

If you are not studying on-site, you do not have to apply for a student card, but you may still wish to, particularly if you want to use the library facilities and services such as the Distance Learning Support Service for books, scans, inter-library loans, and SCONUL Access. To find out what you can use your card for, visit the ‘Why do I need a student card?’ article.

When and where will I get my card?

If you are an on-campus student

Once you have registered online, if you have applied for your Student Card, you will be able to collect it at the point where your personal identification (ID) and term time address details are checked, at the start of your course.

If you are an off-campus student

Once you have registered online, if you have applied for your Student Card, your Department/School will send you the card when they have received evidence of your ID and qualifications.

What if I lose or damage my card?

To find out what to do if you lose or damage your Student Card, visit the ‘Replace a lost or damaged student university card’ article.

Further information

For further information about the University Student Card, please visit the ‘Student card frequently asked questions’ article.

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