This article explains how to renew books borrowed from the Library.

Renewing Your Loans

Library items can be renewed in the following ways:

  • The Library will renew your loans for you. Automatic Renewal is done one week before your loans are due. We will email you to advise which loans have successfully renewed (with the new due date) and which loans we have been unable to renew for you
  • You can renew books online using 'My Account' in the Library Catalogue

Enter your library number and click . Follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Renew books by contacting the User Services team by telephone.

Tel: +44 (0)23 9284 3228 (view Welcome Desk opening hours)

  • Take the items you wish to renew to the Welcome Desk in the Atrium, where staff can check and renew your loans for you

  • Take your University Card to the Welcome Desk in the Atrium, where staff can check and renew your loans for you

  • Use the self service kiosks.

Select Account and scan your University card.  Then select renew items and follow the on-screen instructions.

Automatic Renewal is set up to check your library account one week before a loan is due but you can renew your loans yourself before Automatic Renewal takes place or after Automatic Renewal has happened.

Please note:

  • Items reserved by another borrower may not be renewed.

  • Items may not be renewed if your library account is due to expire.

If you have any queries about renewing your loans, please contact us (see How can I contact the library? article in the related articles box below).

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