This article provides information regarding what a student with a disability can do to make sure their support is in place prior to starting their course, or during it.

If you are concerned about using the Library or finding suitable resources, particularly if you are visually impaired or print disabled, the more we know about your proposed course of study the more we can help. Please contact our Additional Needs Co-ordinator Linda Jones ( +44 (0)23 9284 3240 as early as possible with details of your course and specific needs for the next academic year. If possible please give us details of the units which you plan to study. The library can then work with you to ensure as much as possible is in place before your arrival.

Whilst no student is ever able to guarantee that they will read every item on any given reading list we are committed to maximising the number of accessible items available on any reading list being used by a visually or print impaired student. We will apply for alternative formats of current print books from the publishers, but this can be a lengthy process and is not necessarily always successful. The earlier we can start work with your reading lists the greater chance we have to make them as useful as possible to you.

If you intend to work with a support worker who is not a registered student at the University or engaged via Clear Links or Hampshire Autistic Society, you/they can request an application form from the Library (in person, by phone or by e-mail). They will need to bring this application form and a passport photograph with proof of ID with them to obtain a free External Reader’s Reference Card for the Library. Doing this before your first visit to use the Library will save you time. It also means your support worker can access Library facilities independently for scanning and printing on your behalf throughout the year.

For more information please visit the library website.

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