This article will inform you whether placement students can borrow books from the Library.

The Library Regulations advise that students who are away from the University on industrial placement or year abroad should not borrow library items without prior arrangement with the User Services Team Leader.

  • In effect, many students do continue to borrow items, particularly if they are undertaking their placement nearby, without this coming to our attention.

  • The Library staff members tend to uncover the problems with students on placement borrowing: i.e. they are not checking their UoP email accounts for recall notices, or they get a recall notice and report that they can't possibly post the book back from abroad; or they are not keeping their loans in date.

This is why students going on a placement year should arrange this in advance so that they can receive advice on how to best use the library services whilst on industrial placement.

  • A student on placement is also eligible to join Sconul Access (depending on where they are based).

A student who borrows books over the summer vacation and is going home ‐ abroad ‐ for the vacation is of course able to take the books with them, providing they are returned back as requested at the start of our extended opening hours.

  • If the books are lost in transit then the replacement cost will be charged to the student through our standard Loan Query process.

  • During our extended opening hours, all items will be liable to recall and reservation, so the student is advised not to take loans if they are not prepared to post them back when requested to do so.

For more information visit the Library website 



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