This article explains how to keep yourself safe and secure whilst at University in the UK.

Although Portsmouth and the University campus are generally safe places to be, we do advise you to be careful. Please note that the police are well respected in the UK and people are comfortable approaching the police for advice and to report crime.

Depending on the circumstances, there are different services that will be able to help you should you experience any problems whilst here in the UK.

Police Liaison Officer

Police Constable Dave Fairbrother is available to advise University staff and students on crime awareness and prevention, as well as supporting those who have become the victim of a crime. For more advice on safety, marking your property, and other useful information, please read the following articles below:

Emergencies while on the University campus

If you are involved in an emergency whilst on the University campus, don't panic. There will always be someone to help you. If you are in a department, contact the school office. If you are in your room in Halls of Residence, contact the Halls Reception by phone at 023 9284 3880.

If you cannot reach anyone, contact our Security and Surveillance staff at The Lodge:

Telephone: +44 (0)23 9284 3333 (Ext. 3333 from a University telephone).

Emergencies whilst off the University Campus

If you are involved in an emergency whilst you are off the University campus, contact the Emergency Services and tell them which service you require. You will not need any money as this call is free.

Telephone: 999 and ask for Ambulance, Fire or Police.

Hate Crime

It is very unlikely that you will experience any form of hate crime during your time at Portsmouth. However, if you do, Portsmouth City Council has a dedicated team to support you. For more information, visit their website.

For more information on crime support services in Portsmouth, visit the Safer Portsmouth website or contact the International Student Advisers.

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