This information is for students who will be applying to extend their Tier 4 visa in the UK.

When to extend your visa

You need to submit a visa application before the expiry date of your current visa. You can apply to extend your visa up to three months before the expiry of your current visa. We strongly recommend that you begin the process of extending your visa up to twelve weeks before the expiry date.

How to extend your visa

1. Register and create an account online

Follow this link and click on 'Apply Online'.

2. Request your CAS statement

You must request your CAS statement before you can apply to extend your visa. The University will only issue you a CAS statement if you are applying for visa extension on or before the expiry date of your current student visa. If your visa has expired, you will not be issued a CAS until you show evidence that you have left the UK (e.g a flight ticket). You will have to apply for entry clearance from your home country.

Click here to request your CAS statement.

Please note: we strongly recommend that you have your bank statements checked by the International Student Advisers before you request your CAS statement.

3. Prepare your supporting documents

Financial evidence:

You must show a maintenance of £1015 per month of your course up to a maximum of nine months (e.g if your course lasts two months, you need to show £1015 x 2 or if your course lasts nine months or more or you will have to show a maximum £9135).

Note that UKVI look at the date of the latest banking transaction to determine that the bank statement is no older than one month old rather then the date that the statement is printed. 

The full amount MUST be in your bank account for 28 consecutive days. Your bank statement must be no older than one month.

Please note that applicants for Tier 4 (Doctorate Extension Scheme) are exempt from this rule and need to show £2030 for 28 days.

If you are unsure of the official end date of your course, please contact Academic Registry at:

You may use your parents’ bank account to demonstrate your maintenance and fees. The statement must be in English or officially translated but the funds can be in the local currency. If you use your parents’ bank statement to prove your maintenance and fees, you must also provide your original birth certificate and a letter from your parents, signed and dated, confirming they are sponsoring you.

If you are a sponsored student, (sponsored by your Government or an official recognised company) you must provide an up-to-date official sponsorship letter as evidence of your funds.

Other documents:

  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • Your current passport and any previous passports which you have used to travel to the UK
  • BRP visa card (if you have one)
  • Police registration certificate (if applicable)
  • ATAS Certificate (if stated on your CAS that you need one)
  • Your qualifications/transcripts (if stated on your CAS)
  • All supporting documents MUST be original.

4. Fill in the online form

Fill in the online form as much as you can, but stop at the declaration page.

If you go any further, you will not be able to make any amendments to your application. Bring all your supporting documents to the International Office, as well as your login details, and the International Student Advisers will check your application before sending.

Applications are dealt with weekdays from 10.00am to 3.00pm.

Cost of visa application: 

  • The fee for applying is currently £457
  • If you wish to use the premium service for an interview in person, book your appointment online – this service currently costs £1047

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your Biometrics (fingerprints and eye scan) at the Post Office in the City Centre of Portsmouth, the Home Office should make a decision on your application within 8-10 weeks. You may be asked to attend an interview.

You will receive a decision on your application in writing. This will be sent to the International Office if you applied through us. If you apply using the premium service, you should receive a decision on the day of your appointment and your visa will usually be posted to you in ten working days.

Resits and Repeats

  • Are you applying for a visa extension to undertake a resit period or repeat year?

You can apply for a visa extension in the UK. Please follow guidance from Step 1 on this page.

  • Are you applying for a visa extension to continue your existing course after an optional work placement/study abroad year, during your current student leave? 

You can only apply for a visa extension outside the UK, as this is current Tier 4 policy (version Nov 2016)

To be issued a CAS you need to meet the following criteria:

Evidence to UKVI Student Compliance Team that you have left the country before your current Tier 4 visa expired (such as a copy of your flight ticket).

  • Are you applying for a visa extension before the second attempt of your resit with valid leave to cover this period?

The UKVI Student Compliance Team will be unable to issue to you a CAS to progress with your course until the results of your second attempt resit.

If your visa period does not cover the second attempt resit, you will need to apply for further leave to undertake the resit.

Important notice: Whilst we try to ensure the accuracy of the information and advice given, the requirements relating to visas are complex and change frequently. It is your responsibility to check the requirements which apply to you on the UK Government website. International Office/University of Portsmouth can therefore not accept responsibility for any inaccuracy or error in its information or advice.

If you have any further questions, please contact the International Student Advisors.

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