This article contains information about cycling in the UK.

Is it safe to cycle when I come to University?

Yes, it is, so long as you take care. If you decide to cycle, wear a cycling helmet and please make sure that the bicycle (bike) has working lights on the front and back. Roads in Portsmouth can be very busy during the rush hour, which is from 8:00am to 9:15am and 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. There are some cycle lanes in Portsmouth, please use them, but be aware of traffic and pedestrians.

What should I know before I attempt to cycle around the city?

Here are some things to bear in mind when you are cycling in Portsmouth:

  • You can be fined for riding your bike on the pavement

  • You can be fined for not using lights on your bike at night

  • You can purchase bike lights from Portsmouth City Council for as little as £10 a set

  • Learn the road signs, you need to know where you can and cannot cycle

  • Always follow the Highway Code and obey traffic signals

  • Red means stop

  • Don't cycle on the pavement, on pedestrian walkways or in crowded shopping centres. Get off and push your bicycle

  • Show respect for pedestrians, especially elderly people and children

  • Don't cycle against the flow of traffic on one-way streets or on roundabouts

  • Always indicate with your arms before turning left or right into another street. You must show other road users what you intend to do

  • When using shared cycle/walkways always keep to the correct side of the path and use your bell to warn others of your approach

  • Cycle helmets are voluntary but recommended

  • Buy a very strong bicycle lock and never leave your bike unlocked. Bicycle theft is very common, protect your property.

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