This article will inform you about the sports leagues that are run through the University’s Sports and Recreation department and the Athletic Union.

Competitive leagues

Competitive leagues can be found via the Athletic Union website where there are over 34 clubs with many participating in the British University & College Sports (BUCS) league each year.

Semi-competitive leagues 

Campus Sport is the University Sport and Recreation Department's sport participation programme. 

It offers a number of team sports which give staff and students the opportunity to take part in weekly organised leagues.

The leagues run during the academic year, with games lasting from 20 to 70 minutes, and include sports such as badminton, dodgeball, netball, basketball, football (5,6,7 and 11-a-side), futsal, squash and tennis.

More information on campus sport, and to register for campus sport on SportPAD visit the SportPAD website.

Once registered on SportPAD 

Once you have registered your team on SportPAD for the following football leagues: 5-a-side (outdoor), 6-a-side, 7-a-side and11-a-side, teams must pay a deposit.

Registration is only complete once teams have signed up via this website AND paid their deposit.

This deposit is refundable at the end of the season if teams have met the following requirements:

1. Returned your match ball that is given to you

2. Attended ALL your scheduled fixtures

3. Put the goals out/away when required (11-a-side teams only).

You can pay your deposit here (please ensure you have registered your team on SportPAD first).

For more information on sports at the University, visit the Sport Portsmouth website

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