This article provides information about the credibility interviews and what you might be asked.

As part of your visa extension application, you may be asked to attend an interview. This is to confirm that you are a genuine student and will inform the decision on your application.

You will receive a letter or an email asking you to attend the interview. You will need to complete the paperwork that the Home Office requests and return it to them, confirming your attendance at the interview.

If you do not attend your interview or repeatedly change your interview date, this could lead to your visa being refused.

Questions which might be asked at a credibility interview 

You may be asked about your previous immigration history:

  • Any previous UK visas you may have had
  • Whether you have ever breached the conditions of your visa, for example, overstaying
  • Visas you may have had for other countries
  • You may be asked questions about your studies and what you plan to do afterwards.

Information about the course you are studying, including the modules you’re taking:

  • If you are a PhD student, they may ask more in depth about your research
  • How your studies fit in with your career plans
  • Why you chose to study at the University of Portsmouth
  • What you plan to do once you have finished your studies, for example, if you plan to do further study, if you plan to work, and if so how and where

Questions about your finances:

  • Where you have received your money from
  • How you fund your studies
  • Your family’s financial situation at home
  • If you are a sponsored student, make sure you know exactly what is covered
  • If you plan to work to fund your studies (remember that you cannot rely on funds from work to fund your studies, so if you do plan to work part-time, think about how this would enhance your academic studies)

Information about your time in the UK

  • Where you are planning to live?
  • How you will travel from where you live to the University? 

Always be honest in your interview. If you have ever overstayed or broken the law, you should be honest about this.

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