This article includes information on visits to international students from family and friends.

Visas for friends and family visits from abroad

International students may wish for their friends and family to visit them whilst at University. Before their visa application therefore, international students must:

  • Write an invitation letter to the British Embassy in the country where your visitors will be making their application for an entry clearance visa/standard visitor visa.

Below is the example of an invitation letter that you have to write:


Address of British Embassy or Visa Application Office in the country where your visitor will be making their application for Entry Clearance visa


Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Application of [visitor’s name]

My name [student’s name], I am student at The University of Portsmouth studying I am currently in my [first/second/third/year], 

I would like to invite [husband/wife/parent/friend etc] to visit me in the UK whilst I am studying.

[Your visitor’s name] will be staying at [the full address, if your visitor will be staying with you and will not need to pay accommodation expenses during her/his trip, please add this to your letter]


(add your signature)

(type your name)

(your email address) & (contact telephone number)


Other documents to supply as part of the visa application process

We recommend you supply the following documents as part of the application:

  • A copy of your student visa
  • A copy of your passport
  • A letter to confirm that you are a registered student. This must be obtained from MyPort Information Hub.

For a full list of the documents required, we recommend you or your friend or family member contact the visa application centre in the country they are applying in. A full list of UK visa application centres can be found here

Visitor visas to attend graduation

The graduation team can issue you with a letter for you and your family to apply for visitor visas to attend your graduation.

For more information on visits, please see the Graduation web pages.


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