This article will inform you of the sports based activities that are available to try.

The University of Portsmouth offers a wide range of free and paid opportunities for students who want to stay active.


Free/ reduced price activities

  • Get Active, Stay Active

Our Get Active, Stay Active initiative gives you the possibility to attend over 50 drop-in sports sessions. Students can activate their FREE Get Active, Stay Active membership which entitles them to a variety of free and reduced cost activities to try.

See our Get Active, Stay Active article for more information.

  • Live in Halls?

We offer our students 'Halls Sport' which is FREE and a great way for students living in Halls of Residence to participate in a variety of fun and social sports tournaments. You will compete against other halls to earn points which go towards the Halls Shield. Each hall has an elected sports rep who can guide you through the programme. Tournaments will be held in badminton, basketball, dodgeball, football and volleyball.



Paid activities

  • University of Portsmouth Gym

You can also join the University of Portsmouth Gym and get access to our gym, fitness class programme and multi-use sports hall. Work out either on your own or with the support of our highly trained team.


Other activities outside the University

  • Free running club organised by Parkrun

If you would like to join a running club, try Southsea Parkrun. This club is for runners of all abilities and ages. It is not a race against other runners, but rather a 5 kilometre timed run and it can really be whatever you want it to be – for fun or as part of a training plan. 

If you want to join Southsea Parkrun, all you need to do is register in advance online at Southsea Parkrun website by 6pm on the Friday before your first run. After the run you can socialise with other runners at a local cafe, swap stories about your run over a cup of tea or coffee and just relax. For more information, please visit the Southsea Parkrun website.



For more information on sports at the University, visit the Sport Portsmouth website.

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