This articles explains the cost of healthcare for international students.

If you are studying in Portsmouth for six months or more

Immigration health surcharge

Under the current regulations, anyone who comes to the UK on a full-time course for more than six months will be subject to the Immigration Health Surcharge. The Surcharge is currently £150 per year. You will pay this when you make your Tier 4 visa application. This charge must also be paid by your dependants if they are living permanently with you in the UK for the duration of your course. In addition, you will need to pay any statutory NHS charges, including prescription charges.

Once you have paid the Immigration Health Surcharge, you will be entitled to healthcare from the NHS.

If you are studying in Portsmouth for less than six months

Students studying in the UK for less than six months from countries with which the UK holds bilateral healthcare agreements, will only be entitled to free NHS hospital treatment that is needed promptly for a condition that arose AFTER their arrival in the UK. For a full list of countries, see the UKCISA website.

European Economic Area Nationals (EEA)

All non-UK European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and their families should obtain a European Health Insurance Card  (EHIC) before coming to the UK. This card entitles the holder and their family to full NHS treatment on the same basis as the student categories described above.

Medical Insurance

The University cannot recommend any specific medical insurance providers. However, we are aware that Endsleigh Insurance are able to provide medical insurance for international students to cover medical costs if you are taken ill or have an accident which is not covered by the NHS for up to £2,000. This medical insurance covers:

  • The cost of bringing a relative to the UK to visit you after a medical emergency
  • Medical costs that are not covered by the NHS
  • If you accidentally injure someone your legal liability will be covered
  • If you cut short or repeat your course due to illness your prepaid course fees will be reimbursed

If you have any further queries regarding Endsleigh insurance, please visit the Endsleigh Website.

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