This article gives you information on where you can get guidance on proofreading skills.

The Academic Skills Unit (ASK) offers a wide range of resources, workshops and tutorials for students to use.

Proofreading your work effectively can make a significant difference to the grade an assignment receives. It is a great way to ensure that you eliminate all spelling and syntax mistakes that you could forget.

Furthermore, proofreading allows for a fresh insight on your work, regardless of whether you ask someone to proofread, or you do it independently.

The team have put the guide below together to provide support with proofreading.

Please note that ASK does not proofread student work prior to submission.

However, the team may be able to read and discuss short extracts (typically one or two paragraphs) from your drafts in the context of discussing other aspects of your academic writing. Most importantly, we focus on teaching students how to proofread their work independently.

These are just some of the resources ASK has to offer.

Need further help?

ASK offers one-to-one tutorials which can help you develop skills to proofread independently, additional online resources as well as workshops on a series of topics throughout the year.

Contact details and opening hours for the Academic Skills Unit (ASK) are available here.

Information on faculty-based learning support and development tutors is available here.

The University regulation is clear that all work submitted for assessment must be the unaided work of an individual student, therefore ASK cannot help you to write your assignment. However, taking part in ASK sessions will help you to develop your skills and tackle any study-related issues. Please also note that ASK is unable to proofread your work.

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