This article explains how to set up an instalment instruction.

If you wish to pay by instalment you must set up an instruction. To set up a payment plan, please read the instructions below. The University instalment plan is 6 x monthly instalments from October to March. All instalment instructions are to be submitted to the University using the Webpay system.

You can register for a payment plan through Webpay by choosing either the credit/ debit card instalment or direct debit payment options depending on which you prefer. Click here for guidance on the Direct Debit Guarantee. 

Follow the steps below on how to set up the instalment instruction.

Step one: Accessing Webpay

When you access Webpay this screen will appear:

Webpay stage one

  • This is the validation screen where you (or the payer) will enter the student ID, student name and date of birth. At this stage, you will also be asked to verify your relationship to the student, or if you are a student paying the fees yourself.
  • Press continue.

Step two: Setting up the payment plan

After pressing continue, you will then see the screen below.

Webpay stage two

  • Do not enter any fee amounts on webpay as you are just setting up the plan.
  • If you are setting up an instalment instruction, select either one of the options from the ‘Credit/Debit Card Instalments’ column. Alternatively, you can pay by ‘Direct Debit’ for either your ‘Tuition Fees’ or your ‘Halls Accommodation’, or both.
  • Your payment plan will be sent to you (or the payer) by email following receipt of this instruction. This could take a few days.
  • When completing an instalment instruction, please note that clicking "Pay Now" at the end of the Webpay process does not take money from your account. This only happens if you have chosen the option to pay immediately.
  • Set up your instalment instruction on Webpay

Alternative ways to pay

The most efficient way to pay is by credit/debit card or PayPal. To see the startup screen, please see the following link.

You can also pay by bank transfer (see how to pay by bank transfer in the related articles box below.)




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