This article will provide information explaining the role of the Student Opinion Panel.

What the Student Opinion Panel is

The Student Opinion Panel helps the University gather your views and thoughts on a range of University student services in order to improve services at the University.

Run by the Marketing and Communications Department, it's your chance to tell us what you think.

We need your opinions on various aspects of your time here as a student.

We may ask you to complete online surveys or hot topics or perhaps join in one of our focus groups. We offer incentives for all participants in our focus groups, usually in the form of retail or supermarket vouchers. Participating in our surveys or hot topics will make you eligible to enter our prize draws, again our prizes are usually in the form of retail or supermarket vouchers.

Why taking part and your views are important

By volunteering for the University of Portsmouth Student Opinion Panel you will be doing something valuable for the University community.

As a member, you can provide important feedback on a range of student services which will help us enhance and improve service provision and, consequently, students’ experience of the University.

Who the Panel consists of

The Panel is made up of a large group of students. Throughout the year there are many opportunities to contribute. You decide what you want to take part in - participation is voluntary at all times.

How to join

Simply email your name and student number to or complete one of our flyers which are available during Freshers’ Week.

Also, please make sure to read the Student Opinion Panel guidelines.

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