Student Watch volunteering

This article will explain what Student Watch is, the benefits of taking part and how to get involved

What is Student Watch?

Student Watch is a Hampshire Constabulary volunteering project that is open to all University of Portsmouth students and graduates (for up to 5 years after leaving the University). Volunteers act as a representative of Hampshire Constabulary to deliver messages/information on specific initiatives to fellow students and members of the community - using the power of communication to tackle local issues or concerns. Training is provided to enable volunteers to speak confidently about the range of initiatives, along with ongoing support from PC Dave Fairbrother and PCSO Wendy Clark. These cover important safety and security messages on topics including halls security, burglary, healthy relationships, fire safety, street sense and safety on a night out. It is a very flexible volunteer opportunity, as Student Watch volunteers are only expected to commit to 1 hour per week/4 hours per month.

What will I get from being a Student Watch volunteer?

By joining Student Watch, you will help make Portsmouth an even safer city and improve community relations. Being a part of Student Watch is also a great volunteering experience that will enhance your own skills and abilities. Volunteers develop communication and interpersonal skills, by networking with students, Hampshire Constabulary staff and members of the local community. You can also get a certificate of recognition and a professional reference after you have completed your 10 initiatives.

How do I find out more or apply to be a Student Watch volunteer?

The Careers and Employability Service partner with Hampshire Constabulary to advertise the project, so you can read more about the role and apply by clicking this link to the online jobsboard.

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