VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Connecting to the VPN will allow you to access University services as if you were on campus. You will find more applications will be available through AppsAnywhere and you can connect to your network drives and library resources more easily.

You can find instructions how to download and install the University VPN for the following devices:

University Staff: If you are using a loan laptop please contact Service Desk while you are on campus to install VPN as you may not have sufficient rights.


This is the University's application store, where you can download and launch different applications onto your machine. You can visit this store at appsanywhere.port.ac.uk or using the icon on the desktop of a University computer.

Instructions on how to use AppsAnywhere can be found here.

If you need to access Discoverer while you are off site please complete this form.

University email

Your University mail can be accessed anywhere by visiting gmail.com sign in with your University account.

University file storage

Google Drive

Sign in to Google Drive with you University account, you will find your drive located in the G Suite app drawer located in the top right of the page.

N and K Drives

Your N drive is your own personal networked storage area, the K drive is a place to store departmental documents that you would like to be accessed by others. If you are connected to the university's VPN you can access both N and K drives.

A guide on connecting to your N and K drives on a Windows machine is found here and for a Mac machine here.

Staff only

Before you go abroad please call the Service Desk to conduct a health check of your machine.

Note: Please read the Information Security Advisory on "University Supplied Portable Devices" for University and Personal machines here.

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