The VpnCilla client is a paid for application from the Google Play store. The Play Store is available on some Chromebooks - more information can be found here. The trial version should be installed to check it works on your Chromebook before paying for the full version.

If you are using a University enrolled Chromebook, you will not currently be able to download VpnCilla on your University log in.


  1. Visit the Play Store.
  2. Search for VpnCilla - if you wish to try the product first, choose the trial version, if not you will have to pay £3.35 for the full version.
  3. Install the app and choose Open
  4. Agree to the end user license and choose ...
  5. Enter UoP as the name of the new connection.
  6. Enter the following information into the client - you will need to enter each setting by selecting each setting individually:
    VPN Server Address:
    IPSec Identifier: uop
    IPSec Pre-Shared Key (optional): purple-banana
    Username: your University username
    User Password (optional): your University password
  7. Once you have entered the settings, choose the back arrow then click the UoP connection to begin the connection.
  8. Click OK on the connection request.
  9. The VPN should connect after a few moments.


  1. From the Settings area, click the Connected to UoP option
  2. Click Disconnect, the VPN will disconnect


Once you have set the client up for the first time, you can connect easily in future:

  1. From the Settings area, and choose the arrow next to the VPN disconnected section.
  2. Select the next to the VpnCilla or VpnCilla (Trial) option
  3. Click the UoP connection to begin the connection.
  4. The VPN should connect after a few moments.

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