Lead. Inspire. Connect. Join the Welcome Ambassadors team and make a real difference to your student community.

This article explains the award-winning Welcome Ambassadors role and programme – and how to join the Welcome Ambassador team. 

Sign up event 8 May 2019.

Deadline to register 7 May 2019.Read more about the programme below.



Use the QR code above or register here for the sign up event, taking place in the Nuffield Hall from 1:30-3:30pm on Wednesday 8th May. This is the first step in training to become a Welcome Ambassador. There will be free pizza, opportunities for filming and creating social media content, and a chance to find out the next steps if you want to join us in this exciting new venture!

For further queries please email: welcomeambassadors@port.ac.uk

The award-winning Welcome Ambassador role is focused on ensuring that new students for 2019-20 are actively welcomed and supported to settle in to the University of Portsmouth. There is a large social media component to the role, especially during the summer as new student prepare to come to university. Welcome Ambassadors will share supportive content and engage with new students to promote networking and a sense of community. They will also have a strong presence on campus during induction and the first few weeks of the new year, and will work together to organise welcome events.

This ambitious and exciting programme launched last year for the first time, and gained national media attention when it was recommended by the Universities Minister as an example of good practice supporting student transitions. The scheme has also just been awarded a Vice Chancellors’ Award for Excellence. This is your opportunity to make a contribution to shaping and improving the scheme, so that is even more successful in the year ahead. All you need to be able to demonstrate is that you recognise some of the challenges of settling in as a new student and can bring your own experience with this to work as a team to plan a good welcome for new students.

Welcome Ambassadors will receive the following benefits:

  • Leadership training package to assist you in being a positive and proactive role model
  • Social media experience
  • HEAR accreditation and opportunity to secure an Active Change Leader award
  • Draw on your own experience to help others
  • Meet new people and connect with other students and staff across the university
  • Opportunities to develop your skills into other roles (including paid work) across the university and to progress and become more involved in shaping the scheme in the future

Attending the event is the essential first step to training as a Welcome Ambassador. Join us to find out more!

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