This article provides details about obtaining parchments at the 2019 Graduation ceremonies.

When do I get my parchment?

The majority of students will receive their parchment (degree certificate) and final transcripts when they collect their academic dress on the day of their graduation ceremony.

Students who were awarded their qualification earlier in the academic year will have already received their transcript by post.

Students who will complete resits later in the summer will receive their parchment by post after the referral boards have sat and confirmed your award.

Where will my parchment be sent?

Parchments issued by post are ordinarily sent to your mailing/correspondence (NOT your home or term time) address as this appears.

It is important that you ensure that the mailing/correspondence (NOT home or term time) address shown on your MyPort account is the address to which you would like your parchment to be delivered. The deadline for checking and amending any incorrect information is the end of term.

All parchments are sent by 2nd class post. If Royal Mail is unable to deliver your parchment this may be returned to the University where it will be held securely until this is requested or collected by you.

*Can I collect my parchment?

If you wish to collect your parchment you will need to email to and they will give you all the details you need to collect your parchment.

*Can my friend collect my parchment for me?

Yes, but you will need to email giving full details and only when they have acknowledged this will your friend be able to collect your parchment. All details of how they can collect and any information they will need to bring with them will be contained in the email confirmation sent to you.

*It may not always be possible for you to collect your parchment during our busy summer period due to the high volume of work in this area at this time.

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