This article details the processes for booking tickets to Graduation in 2019.

When can I book tickets?

We are expecting ticket booking to begin at Easter. All eligible students will be informed by email before the online booking system is opened.

Each ceremony will have its own allocated booking opening time so please don’t be concerned if you have a fellow student who has been given a different booking date.


How do I book tickets?

You can book your place for graduation through our online booking form at the online store, when this goes live.

If you haven't yet done so, you may also wish to check out our graduation webpage at which contains a lot of useful information and important web links.


Do my two free tickets include me?

No, your ticket is allocated to you as the student and any “guest” tickets are for your guests.


Are children allowed in the ceremony and do I have to pay?

Yes, children are allowed in the ceremony. We do not charge for children under the age of 12 but they do need a ticket. Children under the age of 2 (infants) do not need a ticket but we do need to know if you are bringing an infant due the restrictions on numbers for fire and safety regulations at the venue.


I want more tickets because I have a large family!

The university guarantees two free guest tickets. Any further tickets are subject to the number of students and guests attending, and we reserve the right to withdraw these at short notice without prior notification. You can see how many tickets you may purchase when you log into the online store. If any remaining tickets can be purchased, we will notify you by email as soon as possible after they become available.

Tickets will then be available until (date tbc) when booking will close to enable us to allocate seating.


Do you send my tickets by post?

No, we retain your tickets which can be collected from Spinnaker Sports Hall at the designated time prior to the start of your ceremony.


What time does ticket collection start?

We normally open ticket collection approximately 2 – 2.5 hours before the scheduled start time of your ceremony.


My guest needs specific seating, can you accommodate this?

Yes, we will do our very best to ensure that you and all of your guests’ requirements for specific seating are met.

When you undertake your online booking you will be given the option to include information about your own and any of your guests requirements.

We will often call you to confirm exactly what requirements are needed so that you have the best possible experience on the day.


My guest is in a wheelchair. Does the venue have wheelchair access?

Yes, the Guildhall has wheelchair access and lifts to all floors. If your guest is in a wheelchair include this on your booking form.


I haven’t been able to get the amount of tickets I need. What can I do?

We may have tickets available on the day of the ceremony. However, we do also screen the ceremonies as they take place on the Big Screen in the Portsmouth Guildhall.

Ceremonies are also live streamed via the link on the University webpages so even if your friends and family are overseas they can watch the ceremonies as they happen.

We also have a small provision for live streaming in the Guildhall itself, but NOT in the auditorium. These seats are very limited and will only be available on the day.


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