This article contains information about the additional funding some healthcare students are able to apply for from the NHS

If you started on of the following courses in September 2017 or later you may be eligible for additional financial support from the NHS:

  • BN Adult Nursing
  • BSc Operating Department Practice
  • BSc Diagnostic Radiography
  • BSc Therapeutic Radiography
  • BSc Dental Hygiene & Therapy (2018 starters only)

Students on the above courses are no longer funded through NHS bursaries, and can now apply for the standard undergraduate package of student finance through Student Finance England. However, the NHE Learner Support Fund provides additional extra funding to students on these courses.

The Learner Support Fund (LSF) consists of three different awards, eligible students can apply for some or all of the allowances depending on their circumstances.

In order to be eligible you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • You must be on one of the above courses and have started after 1 August 2017
  • You must be in receipt of a tuition fee and maintenance loan from Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales, Student Finance Northern Ireland or the Student Awards Agency for Scotland.

The three elements to the LSF are:

Child Dependents Allowance

If you have parental responsibility for a child or children under 15 (or 17 if the child has special educational needs) you can claim a grant of £1,000 for each academic year of your course. This grant is non means-tested and non-repayable, and does not affect any other funding you receive from Student Finance England. 

Travel & Dual Accommodation Expenses

You can claim back some of the additional costs of attending practice placements as part of your course. This includes any travel costs which are over and above your normal travel costs to university and any additional accommodation costs if it is not reasonable or practical to travel daily.

Your department can provide you with further information about the administration of these claims as they will need to sign off your forms and receipts.

Exceptional Support Fund

This is an additional fund for students who find themselves in genuine and unforeseen financial hardship during their studies. Applications must be made directly to the NHS demonstrating that there is a shortfall between your income and essential expenditure.

In order to apply for this fund you will need to evidence that you have already applied to the University for the University Support Fund so we would encourage you to come and speak to us first if you are experiencing any financial difficulty. After we have assessed you for the university fund we can then advise you whether you may be able to apply for the additional NHS funding.

How to apply

You can apply for the Learner Support Fund online.

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