AppsAnywhere is a University Apps store (the Portal) which allows students and staff to download software and apps for study and work – available anywhere, on and off campus, anytime.

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What software do I have access to?

AppsAnywhere has a vast catalogue of software but depending on your location or device, you may find some software unavailable. In general, all software you are entitled to will be available when you are on campus using a University owned PC or laptop. Some application have [Campus or VPN*] in the title, which means it is only available on-site or off-site using the VPN. Other factors that determine what applications you have access to are:

  • Your course or department - some software is only available to certain courses or departments
  • Machine type - whether the device you are using is university owned or not. Any University owned devices are joined to the University domain, any personally owned deviced are not. Personally owned devices will always be Off-domain
  • Location - off or on-site. You can use the VPN to appear on-site if necessary.
  • OS - some software is not compatible with all operating systems.

All applications that are not available will be in the Unavailable category. You can find why an application is unavailable if you click on the More info button next to the application (it will appear greyed out but will still work) then choose the Delivery Methods tab then the Restrictions tab. Any sections with a red cross against has failed the eligibility check, if there is one or more failures, the application will not be available for that specified reason/s.

All application availability is determined by each individual vendors licencing agreements with the University. If you feel ou should have access to an application - perhaps if a classmate has some software you do not, please contact the IS Service Desk on 023 9284 7777 or


Each time you visit the AppAnywhere Portal, your session needs to be validated. Validating means the Portal will know what type of device you are using, whether you are on or off-site and what OS you are using. Once validation is complete, the list of applications you are eligible to will be listed. Once you have successfully validated, you can view your validation information by scrolling to the bottom of the Portal.

Validation details

University PC and laptops

  1. Select the AppsAnywhere icon on the desktop to visit the AppsAnywhere portal. AppAnywhere icon
  2. AppsAnywhere will start the validation process, you will get a Validation Successful message on a green banner and your applications will be listed. AppAnywhere validated
  3. Find the application you want and click Launch. The AppsAnywhere agent will request the software and the Cloudpaging Player will launch and show you the install (paging) progress. Larger applications will take longer to install but many launch within 10 seconds. AppsAnywhere launching
  4. Once the application has finished installing it will either launch automatically or may tell you to launch the software from the start menu.

Personal devices - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

When visiting AppsAnywhere for the first time, you will need to install the Cloudpaging player - to do this you should not be connected to the VPN.

  1. Visit and log in with your university username and password Log in
  2. On your first visit you will be presented with a welcome screen, feel free to take or skip the tour. To skip the tour select Skip the tour Skip tour
  3. On the next screen, choose It's my first time using AppsAnywhere on this device. Let's go. Get agent and Cloudpaging player
  4. The application will download, run the installer and complete the installation accepting all default settings. Install application
  5. Once you have installed the application, click Done in the browser. Confirm install
  6. You will be prompted to run AppAnywhere launcher, to ensure it remembers the settings, tick the Always open these types of links in associated app checkbox then click Open AppsAnywhere Launcher AppsAnywhere Launcher
  7. On all future visits you can wait for validation to complete and your list of software will appear.

What if my device fails validation?

In most cases a refresh of the page will resolve this issue. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please visit the IT Help Advisors in the Library or Open access areas or contact the Service Desk - support information can be found here

Short videos to help you use AppsAnywhere

Searching for an App
Using Favourites
Using Categories
Using Layouts

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